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Upholding Values In The Modern Times

mrsspy By mrsspy on
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Every country around the world has its own culture, values and traditions. People have the normal instinct to seek, discover, learn and stick to what they have taught by their ancestors and uphold the lessons that their generations have learned from the past.

Having been born in the Philippines where conservatism is as synonymous as the term "Filipinos", values were taught to kids from very young age to make sure that we stick to it and grow old with it inculcated in our mind and soul. This is true also with other nations. Our values will always be part of our upbringing and form part of who we are at present.

However, the modern times seem to be the worst foe of these "values". Every issues that we are facing right now in our society seem to kill little by little all these values that our ancestors have taught us. Issues like drugs, juvenile delinquency, prostitution, alcohol, sex and the like have poisoined the minds of our youth and take these values swiftly away from them. Materialism has been the factor why issues like the aforementioned are becoming rampant and almost steady in every society.

What are the factors that will make these values stay despite the issues that our society are facing right now? How can we fight against all those issues that are threatening to take our future generation's minds from sticking to our values?

First, values MUST always begin at home. Our home will always be the molding place of the younger generation. Our kids will learn values from home and stick to them as long as they know how to make good decisions for themselves.

Second, good decision making should always be part of the parents' values education at home. The kids must be taught on how to come up with wise and best decisions, teaching them how to weigh issues considering the good and bad side of every matter to decide on. If the kids have good decision making ability, no matter how much peer pressure they experience around, they will always know how to decide based on the values inculcated in them.

Third, the concept of good and bad must be clearly taught. There should be nothing in the middle. That concept must be clear to allow our kids to come up with good decisions even in the littlest issues they have with their siblings and playmates.

Fourth, good values must always be coupled with spiritual well-being. The spiritual teaching of the church must always be part of the values we teach and parental guidance we show our kids at home.

There seems to be a natural fear nowadays among parents when their kids start school or start going out with friends and partying. Teaching values to our kids and giving them as much supervision, guidance and support they need will help ease these fears away. Living with our hearts out is normal for parents who only wants the best for their kids. There's no easy way in raising kids, in the same way that there's no easy way to be a parent.