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Vacation Packing List

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I am someone who likes to travel and each time I prepare my suitcase, I am always afraid to forget something important. So here is my vacation checklist. Of course, I don't bring all those things every time I go on vacation. I bring what I need depending on the type of vacation. You just need to adapt it to your needs. I hope this long list will be useful to you. Have a nice trip!!!


*ID cards (at least one with a picture)

*Passport / visas (also printed copies in case your passport get stolen)

*Travel insurances (phone numbers to reach them in case of an emergency)

*Plane tickets

*Hotel voucher / hotel reservations

*International driver's license



*Travelers check

*Credit card

*Foreign currency (if you want to buy them at your bank before your trip, you should ask your bank if they have the currency or if they need to get them from their head office. Sometimes it takes up to 10 days to get them.)



*Address / phone number / e-mail address of family members and friends.

You might also want to give one of your relatives your flight numbers and the airline and also the hotel(s) phone number in case of emergencies.

*Telephone calling card


*Bandages / adhesive bandages



*Sunscreen lotion / Aloe vera gel





*Camera / film / batteries / digital camera / video camera

*Tour guide

*Dictionnary / books / magazines

*Crossword / Sudoku etc...

*MP3 player

*Nintendo DS / gameboy etc...



*Watch / Jewels (only if you really need them.. less jewels, less likely to be stolen)











*Swimsuit /bikini (at least 2)







*Sport shoes

*Beach slippers / flip-flop

*Beach towel



*Baby food

*Baby bottle

*Spoon and sipper


*Baby bib

*Baby wipes

*Baby powder

*Diaper bag


*Baby outfits


*Makeup / Cleansing

*Nailpolish / nailpolish remover / nail file

*Rasor kit / shaving cream / aftershave



*Comb / brush


*Shampoo / hairspray / mousse


*Toothbrush /toothpaste /dental floss / mouthwash


*Contact lenses /glasses


*Road map and GPS




*Emergency light

*Warning triangle

*Child seat



*Alarm clock

*Pen and paper



*Matches / lighter


*Garbage bag / laundry bag


*needle and thread


*Cell phone

*Global power converter