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Vacation With The Whole Family

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Traveling with the whole family, can be quite the trip. This includes me, my husband, my children and wives, and my grandchildren. First we decide where we would like to go. Then the amount of days we are available to go. With that arranged next comes the plane and fares for us all. Reservations aren't necessary for we have a four bedroom home that we can all share. Oh, a couple of cars to get us to and from the airport, maybe one if they agree on two trips to the house. We hope all the luggage makes the flights. By now everyone is hungry and tired and starting to get alittle short with each other. The little kids are really tired. Food is on our list next, so three of us go off to the 24 hr WalMart, to fill up the car with food. By the time we get back the little ones are in their pajamas after a nice bath, and waiting for a quick bite before heading to bed. All bags have been emptied and things put away. Finally all have settled down with full bellies and a drink. Slowly the families move into their bedrooms for the night. My husband and I are now in quiet time, sitting back and trying to think about tomorrows day at Disney. Having a second car makes travel to and from the park easier. Morning comes quickly and everyone is rushing to get breakfast and to get ready to head out. Some are ready to leave early, others are slow pokes. We divide the group into the ones that are ready and send them ahead -meeting in the parks at a certain time. The others can come along when ready. Doing this my husband goes with one group, I with the other. Finally we make it to Disney, and meet for lunch. Of coarse they all want to eat at different places, but we chose the restaurant. Then they want to see different things. So once again my husband and i are separated to be with a group. Occasionally we pass in the park, and ask how things are going? We both agreed this was going to be a long vacation, and it was.!

We learned our lesson by taking everyone at the same time. The family has grown to much, and everyone has their opinions of what to do and where to go. It was hot and sometimes i think the adults were worst than the little ones. Update : we just went to Disney in Dec.of 2009 with one family and had a wonderful time. Next time we will go with the other family.