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Many people debate about the health benefits of being a vegetarian. Some think that not eating meat will not give them a sufficient amount of protein that their bodies need. However, the vegetarians claim that being a vegetarian reduces the chances of heart disease and cancer. I think that the benefits of being a vegetarian out-weigh the risks. I have three reasons to believe this. First, meat alternatives can easily be conjured to provide vegetarians with an adequate amount of protein and flavor. Secondly, eating vegetables promotes animal rights. Lastly, eating vegetables has claimed and has been proven to prevent disease and encourages healthier lifestyles.

For those vegetarians who need some protein or certain nutrients that meat contains, meat alternatives can be life-savers. Out of all the people who were not vegetarians from birth, it is certain that a considerable number of them miss the flavor of meat. Tofu, if cooked and seasoned properly is known to almost perfectly mimic the basic taste of meat. Tofu is bean curd, although it has somewhat dairy roots. It is mostly acceptable to be eaten by most kinds of vegetarians. Tofu is also much cheaper and easier to cook than meat; for vegetarians with a tight budget or just for economic convenience.

The second reason for becoming a vegetarian is the sad reality of meat. They were all once animals. Countless animals are slaughtered for the sake of selling their meat to consumers like yourself. Some animal rights supporters find this outrageous. Although most animal rights supporters accept the distribution of meat, but do not support the controversial treatment of the animals throughout the process. Mercyforanimals.org claims that the living conditions for animals on present-day farms are “…windowless sheds, tiny crates, wire cages, and other confinement systems integral to what is now known as "factory farming." This is a pivotal reason for many animal supporters to become vegetarians, as well as to embrace its nutritional rewards.

My third and final reason is that eating vegetables is medically and statistically proven to extend an average person’s life. It has been shown that the average life of a vegetarian is approximately 3-5 years longer than the average meat-eating person. Vegetarians have considerably lower cholesterol and smaller risks of heart disease. The results of a survey show vegetarians generally have healthier life lifestyles. About 82% of vegetarians who took the survey are physically healthy and fit. Being fit and eating vegetables boosts the body and immune system, thus preventing conventional diseases like the cold.

These are my reasons for supporting vegetarianism. There are other foods that could easily replace meat on one’s diet. Animals are killed for the purpose of their meat. Vegetarianism would render the slaughtering unnecessary and hopefully save animals’ lives. Finally, converting to vegetarianism and eating many vegetables in one’s diet is medically proven to lower disease rate and extend their lifespan. This is why I support vegetarianism.