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Vimto, Great Taste, Natural, And Good For You Too.

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Vimto anyone?

For the benefit of anyone who has never heard of Vimto, I should explain what it is. Vimto was a tonic, formulated nearly a hundred years ago in the UK, and made to a secret recipe, the only publicised ingredients being fruit juices. There are many variations on this drink nowadays, and Vimto is sold all over the world.

Vimto was registered in 1912, (The year the Titanic sank) originally as a medicine. The Company had troubles during the second World War, because of the sugar shortages, and also because the factory almost burned down during the Manchester Bombing.

Moving forwards to 1970, Vimto was launched in the United States, home of twin giants Coca Cola and Pepsi!

In 2001 the Company launched a product you will not believe - Vimto Jelly! This was designed to be spread on toast!

I will start by explaining the range of Vimto products:-


This is a concentrated juice drink, to which you can add water, carbonated lemonade, or any other fluid you like.

Cordial is my favourite, with tap water, nothing fizzy, just a lovely drink.

It is made from grapes, black currants and raspberries, and includes sugar and sweetener.

Ready to Drink range:-

This range includes the original Vimto cordial, in half litre bottles, with water already added, so you have a fruit drink which is still not fizzy. The ingredients are identical to the cordial ones, plus of course water. They also make a variety of this with reduced sugar.

Ready to Drink Fizzy:-

This is, of course, original cordial with lemonade (a colourless, carbonated, sweet soft drink containing either natural or artificial lemon flavoured) instead of water, although it contains no added sugar. This is aimed at partygoers, as it comes in two litre plastic bottles, as well as half litre bottles and also cans. It is the most economical way to buy Vimto.

There is also ready to drink Vimto in "Sports" bottles, they hold a quarter of a litre, and have a sports cap which is easy to open with one hand. This has some added vitamins too, although probably just a token gesture.

There is then the "Confectionery" range, which is not strictly part of my review, because I am limiting it to Vimto drinks, but, I will list them:-

Vimto Chewey Sweets, In packets.

Vimto Chew Bars, In packets, three different sizes.

Vimto Chewey Bon Bons, In bags.

Vimto Tongue Ticklers, also available in "Stickpacks".

Plus Vimto Fizzy Lollipops. These are individually wrapped.

I have also seen Vimto Flexies, there are some of these Vimto flavoured candy laces on ebay at the moment.

I have not tried any of this confectionery so won't comment on it.

This website is very interesting, with modern things like the slogan "Shlurple the Purple". If you need nutritional information, please see for yourself. This is a review, and is my opinion, not a list.


There is some very interesting fun stuff on there, including brilliant games for your kids.

You can also e-mail the Company at :- http://www.vimto.com/

Hope you enjoyed the review as much as you will enjoy Vimto.