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Vinegar It's Cheap, But Effective As Cleaners!!

By angga ayudyah on
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Since thousands of years ago vinegar is known as one of the seasoning. Some studies also mention the vinegar can handle a variety of health problems. But do you know if vinegar is also very useful as liquid cleaners. The liquid which easily be found in supermarkets also proved effective and eliminates odor killer bacteria, but not everyone knows how to use, due it need a few mix and special tips to do. Here are some tips on using vinegar as cleanser.

1. To clean the clothes add approximately 200ml of vinegar that had filtered into the final rinse water to help remove acid generated by the baby pee and soap residue left on clothes. Besides making softer and fresh, this material also has been proven not to damage the fabric.

2. Often at first washed, our new clothes will have faded. Vinegar is also provides solution for this problem. The trick is to soak our new clothes for about half an hour on the water that has been mixed with about 200ml white vinegar, before you wash it in a usual way.

3. Make Ice vinegar to help clean stubborn stains and the odor of the trash. This ice is made by mixing water and vinegar, put it in the mold of ice, and then freezes it. After so, enter this ice into the trash and then flush with cold water. Let stand for several minutes before then wipe the trash with a brushed. Previously stubborn stains and the odor will be easy to clean.

4. Vinegar liquid which mixed with salt can also used to clean up our household appliances, such as iron and microwave. To clean the charred iron surface, mix the vinegar and salt, and then in a small saucepan. Apply this mixture on the surface of the charred iron which still cold and brush it with a cloth to remove the charred marks. To clean the microwave, boil 1 / 4 cup vinegar and 1 cup of water in the microwave. This mixture very effective to remove the food stains and the smell of food left in the microwave.

There are certainly a lot more benefits that can obtained from the use of vinegar. I will share it next time.