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Visionaries: Knights Of The Magical Light Review

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Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light was a cartoon series that originally aired in 1987 and was produced by Sunbow Productions. The show lasted only thirteen episodes but up to this day has a fan following as attested to numerous fansites on the Internet. The show also had a short-lived comic and toyline.

Visionaries was set on a planet called Prysmos which had technology far advanced than our own. This Age of Technology however came to a sudden halt when the three suns of Prysmos aligned and caused all technology to malfunction and cease to work. Without advanced technology, society ended up in a Magical Age. Society then became similar to Earth's Medieval Age.

Out of the chaos emerged Merklynn, a magician who serves to usher in the Age of Magic. He then invites knights on a quest to reach Iron Mountain. Successful knights would then be rewarded with magical powers. Out of those who were successful, two factions emerged namely the Spectral Knights and the Darkling Lords. The Spectral Knights were a noble group who intended to use magic to benefit the people. This is later attested in their use of magic seed to help farmers and by using their powers to fight of threats to people's life, property and liberties. The Darkling Lords meanwhile were a greedy bunch who intended to use magic to fuel their need for wealth and power. This is later attested by their use of their powers to manipulate ordinary citizens, make people's lives miserable and to overtax people in Darkstorm's kingdom.

The two factions were given magical weapons by Merklynn. These were animal totems where the bearer could transform into a certain type of animal, power staves which had great powers but had to be recharged on Iron Mountain and assault vehicles which were powered by magic. Occasionally other magical items would be used such as magic seeds, a cloak of concealment, a magical alarm system among other.

Considering that the show was made more than two decades ago, the animation was pretty good. This is considering most carttons now look like they were drawn by preschoolers. The music was also very appropriate for the situations. Also, the concept of the show was pretty fresh. Its just a shame that this show did not last very long and a continuation of the series was never made.