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Want To Be A Dj? Step 1 : Equipment

Luca Infante By Luca Infante on
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Ok, so your thinking. ''Hey I want to become a Big DJ. Get myself some turntables and massive speakers big enough to blow clothes off!''. Where on earth do you start ? It's a terrifying feeling - knowing that you're well out of your depth. I'm here to give you a nudge in the right direction. And believe me, there are several directions you can go !

Firstly, I want you to rid yourself of any preconceptions or stereotypical ideas that you have of DJ's. Boom. They aren't people who run around with huge boxes of records and headphones larger than their face. Most DJ's that work in clubs generally use CDJ's ( which are like super-multifunctional CD Players ) linked together with Laptops and a nice Mixer that basically controls everything. Some of these set-ups cost thousands and thousands of pounds worth of cash. Now, no way are we going to jump right into the fire and splash out on thousands of pounds worth of gear. It's just not necessary. There are loads of free online software that will let you mix tracks together such as http://www.muziic.com/dj/. Which is brilliant for you to get a very simple experience of DJing.

Now, There are two main types of DJ's. Classic DJing and modern DJing. There is a massive contrast between the two. Let me explain. The first dj's didn't have the technology and reliable equipment that we have today. They had to improvise. They had : Turntables, A mixer ( With a EQ - possibly - and a crossfader ) headphones and bad sounding speakers. They had to scrap together whatever they could. But because of they're lack of equipment they made up in technique. They had to learn how to scratch, cut up, cross-fade, and make the absolute most of everything they had. Which in a way, is how it should be.

Whereas now, there is so much more. Dj's have so much equipment. For example, a single set up could have, 4+ channel mixer ( That means you could have 4 turntables or 4 inputs ) a midi-keyboard, hundreds of effects, and millions of songs without ANY records. It is simply mind-blowing how far DJing has come. But the rubbish thing is. It's really expensive. DJ's once upon a time, had to piece together their kits and probably did it relatively cheap, they repaired their own equipment and knew it well. But now, the complexity of equipment stops DJ's from really understanding their kit.

Your thinking : ''this is all very well, but how this help me ? ''. DJ equipment is expensive. And you need to know where to start and how to get the most out of what you have. I started out using a midi controller. The Hercules RMX . it attached nicely via USB to my laptop and had all the connections that I needed. I recommend going to amazon and typing in ''Midi DJ console'' and looking at what sort of products are available. They usually come with software and you can get mixing straight away. More articles on DJing coming soon!