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Want To Know My Superbowl Pick?

Luke Kazmierski By Luke Kazmierski on
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Baltimore Ravens

There has been an abundance of hype coming into the NFL 2010-2011 series. Could the Saints repeat another Superbowl? Is it possible that the Cowboys will reach the Superbowl and face an AFC opponent at the new Cowboy's Stadium? Maybe Colt's superstar Peyton Manning can drag the Colt's team to another championship? These questions are difficult to answer, and there is no proof of the true identity of the answer unless we wait out the season. After analyzing these questions, I believe I've reached the conclusion to the answers. Now this is simply a hypothesis, but I believe that the winner of the NFL 2010-2011 Superbowl is the Baltimore Ravens.

Surprised? Don't be. This team impresses me week in and week out by their spectacular performance defensively. Only allowing 13.8 PPG (5th in NFL), this defensive with Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis dominate every offensive they play. Baltimore's defensive allows 119.0 passing yards per game, which is 1st in the NFL. Also, don't forget that Baltimore is 1st in the league in total yards.

Baltimore starts the season off going to the new Meadowland Stadium and defeat the famed Jet's defense. A great win for the Ravens, they then go off with much hype to lose a close disappointing game at Cincinnati. So, in conclusion, the Ravens go on the road twice and go even. Going on the road, all odds are against you, and beating the Jets in their new stadium.

The next two games could be one of the most important pair of games for the Ravens this season. Facing two division rivals, this Baltimore team was in for a ride. The Baltimore Ravens go in week 3 and drop the Cleveland Browns at home with a strong offensive performance against an interception hungry Cleveland defense. Now with the momentum on Baltimore's side, their next opponent is going to have trouble. Well, it happens to be the gruesome division rival Pittsburg Steelers. Baltimore goes to Heinz Field with the belittling crowd and against the odds, stomp on Pittsburg's throats and weeds out a division win, 17-14. So excluding the cheap loss to the Bengals, the Ravens lead the division.

I believe that the Ravens will win important games such as division games, and take the division title with a 13-3 record. I also conclude that the Ravens will be the #2 AFC team and get a week off week number one of the playoffs. The number 1 team is the Colts in my eyes, also 13-3. I conclude that the Ravens will get a nice home field advantage in their games and win their playoff games by single digits. Colts will lose and be upset by a tough underdog, such as the Chargers.

Chargers v.s. Ravens in the wild crowd of Ravens fans, the Chargers will take a nice led by the end of the third quarter, 21-10. Joe Flacco of the Ravens will connect with TJ and get two quick touchdowns with 5:00 in the 4th. Baltimore would go into the Cowboys Stadium in February.

Who could the Ravens play from the NFC? The Kansas City Chiefs. This cinderella story will come true for the Kansas City Chiefs. With Charlie Weis's offense, I believe this Kansas City team can score big numbers. With a disappointing performance my Joe Flacco, but an excellent one with Ray Rice, the Ravens will take this away from the Chiefs, 23-19. No team will reach the end zone too much, and will be a boring, field goal night. Ray Rice will win the Superbowl MVP.

With Joe Flacco's arm and the stat monstrous defensive, the Raven's team will embarrass teams that they face. They will win the NFL Superbowl over the Kansas City Chiefs.

** For the record, I happen to be a New York Giants fan, NOT a Baltimore Raven's fan.