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Wanting To Give Everything

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As brand new parents to an adorable little baby girl, we want to give the best for her. We want to swarm her with toys. When we go to the mall these days, we buy the stuff that we need and then we spend the rest of our time (usually until closing time) at the Toys Section.

Oh how we love looking at the toys on display! Both my husband and I are kids at heart that we also like playing. I sometimes think that the toys are not really for our daughter but for us.

Anyway, our baby is showing signs of giftedness and so one toy does not last long with her. After he has tried and tested her toys using all her senses (yes, including taste), then she will get tired of it. So what I do is, I rotate her toys. I don't give them all at once. I let her study a few at a time and then keep them. I will just take them out after a week or two, or sometimes after a month.

If we were given the choice, we would buy all the toys that we like. But we know that giving her everything--as in all material things--is not going to make her a better person. She will just turn out a spoiled brat. Additionally, we don't really have a lot of money so we just prioritize what we need to buy. Like we limit the buying of two to three toys in a month. And these toys are really cheap. We just make sure that these are interesting ones.

We also consider the quality but the only most expensive toy that we got is a push around walker, which is branded because it was on sale. Otherwise, her toys cost less than a dollar each.

We want to give her more, but wisdom dictates otherwise. And so we abide by that principle.