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Watching Baby Tv Channel Is So Much Fun And Relaxing.

panjie By panjie on
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One of my sister-in-law always tells me not to let my daughter watch too much tv because it's not healthy, and will affect her growing up years. But since I am a working mother who has an 8-5 job, my daughter spends most of her time with her sitter or my auntie, and during those times, I wasn't able check what she do.

Last summer, my sister spent her vacation with us. She volunteered to take care of my daughter so we can save what we pay for her sitter. During those times, I wasn't aware that while I am working, my daughter was already busy watching the BABY TV channel. I just realize it one night when I try to change channel, she get's angry and she won't give me the TV remote. I ask my sister why she is reacting that way and she said wants to watch the BABY TV channel. From that time on, I starting watching it to see for my self what it is all about.

As a working mother, I barely had time for my daughter. One time I got amazed because she knows how to count, she can follow the song on the program she was watching and many other things that I know I didn't taught her. I asked her where she learned those things and she answered by pointing at the TV " Charlie and the Numbers", which she watch regularly. She loves program The Cuddlies, Draco, Hungry Henry, Mice Builders, Oliver, Tulli, The Bath Tubbies, Pitch and Potch, Popiz, Egg Bird, Tiny's Playground, Yoyo the MAgician and almost all the program on BABY TV Channel. BABY TV Channel taught my daughter things that I don't have time to teach her. She can dance, sing, count, know her abc, what is up, what is down, know what is small and big, what is good and what is bad, and almost every thing that she will learn when she reach pre-school, she already knows. She knows how to share what ever she had, like toys, food. There are shows in BABY TV Channel that teaches about giving, sharing, helping others and many good things that would sure help her in her growing up years. She doesn't baby talk, knows how answers intelligently every time some one would talked to her. People always comment that when you talked to her, it's as if you are talking to an adult and not to a barely 3 years old kid. She is very mature at her age and very smart.

Who would say too much tv is not good? It's only a matter of choosing what to let our children watch, supervising them and teaching them what is and what is not good. Even I as an adult sometimes got addicted to BABY TV Channel, because it's so much fun watching it with my daughter, very enjoyable and relaxing.