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Ways To Get Incoming Links To Your Site Without Spamming

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Owners of a website or blog knows that you want as many incoming links to their site as possible. Links to your site without spamming that is. There are many ways to do this but some people do it in a way that it is nothing but spam. We all know that spam is not the way to get listed and ranked in search engines. Nor is it a way to get people interested in your site along with returning visitors.

Make a Facebook Fan Page

To make a Facebook Fan Page all you have to do is create one. Invite all your friends to become a fan and then message them to invite all their friends to become a fan too. Once you have some fans you can then get a widget from your fan page to place on your site. This way you have an incoming link to your site along with a cool fan page widget for your website. You can also keep your fans interested in your site by setting up your new updates on your website to automatically post to your Facebook fan page. First set up twitter to post all your updates on there. Then set up Facebook to post all your updates from twitter to Facebook. Also Fan pages are search engine friendly and non Facebook users can therefore find your page.

Place your link on a Forum

If you are active on a forum you can place your link as your signature. Just make sure you are active on the forum. If you are not an active member than you end up doing nothing but spamming up the forum. Also if you are active your link will get more exposure and more chances of people visiting your website. Which is what you really want isn’t it? Your goal should be more incoming links without spamming.

Add Your Website to Spicypage

Spicypage is the social online community. You can post your link along with a snap shot of your site. Spicypage takes the snap shot for you. People can also vote and comment about your site and you can join or start a group, add friends and vote for other sites of your interest. You can add a widget to your site to gather more votes or you can choose not to. So there is no waiting to join. What a great way to post your link without a link exchange. You can even post an article to help get more exposure to your website.

Yahoo answers

You can look up some yahoo open questions. If you have information on your website or blog that is an answer to one of the yahoo questions. You can paste part or all of your posting and then add your link to the page you took the information from. I wouldn’t do this a lot as again it would be spamming yahoo answers. Imagine all the yahoo questions having your link on them to the same kind of topic. Yes you would love it but search engines and other viewers may not.

These are ways to get incoming links to your site without spamming. You can however post comments on blogs and websites as long as you are not doing it to spam. Most owners of a site earn money for advertising and will delete your comment or ban your ip address if they know you only commented just to spam your link.

These are also all free and no link exchange needed. They are also quality links that can generate you some traffic. Facebook fans join because your site interests them. People will click you link on a forum if the title interests them. Spicypage members browse sites and vote. This is a win win situation. You get your incoming links without spamming and your visitors may find your site useful and return.

With doing all the above, who knows your new visitors may add your link to their site. Remember quality content is key. If you don’t have quality write ups then don’t expect people to add your link to their site.