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Ways You Can Help Your Childs Speech

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Are you noticing your child's speech isn't so good? Their sounds are not coming out right? Or if they get talking to fast you are the only one that can understand them?

So now you think your child might be deaf in one ear? Or partially deaf in both ears? So you end up taking your child for a hearing test and all comes back normal. Which now leaves you more confused as to why your child is almost 3, 4 or even 5 years old and still can't speak properly.

The next thing you know your child is in the health office getting tested to see if they are able to follow simply instructions, No the difference between left and right sort of speak. This can be so upsetting. You don't understand as you never spoke baby talk to your child. You always spoke clear enough to your child.

Well the thing is if you have had all the tests done and your child is just behind on their speech. There are things you can do to help your child.

If your child is having a hard time with sounds that come from the back of their throat. Try laying your child on their back and get your child to say the sound to the letters C cuh, Q qu, as it is easier for them to make those sounds that come from the back of their mouth. As what is happening is your child hasn't learned to use these muscles that it takes to make those sounds.

As for other sounds you need to pick a quite spot and a time of day about every other day and sit down with your child. Have your child look at you as to the way you move your mouth and tongue. Get them to repeat the sound then once your child gets that then move onto small words, ones they are having trouble with. Make this fun. Or it won't work as well.

Add games to your speech time. Memory cards work great. You can add excitement as your child finds the matching cards. They can keep the set if they try to get the sound or word correct. Don't forget to add a high five!

Other games you can do are:

Fishing Game:

Get one of those magnet mini fish hooks or a string with a magnet on it. Then have some printed pictures of the sounds your child needs help with. It might be a sock or doll etc. Put paper clips on each picture. Then place them face side down. Have your child go fishing. With the magnet to touch the paper clip. Once they pick a picture. Get excited as they got one! Have your child tell you what picture they got. Then repeat the sound or word to your child and have them repeat it to you a few times.

Car Ramp:

Make a ramp and have some dinky cars. Have a picture and ask your child to find the "Hat" or "Bike". Use a picture that has sounds that your child needs help with. Then once they pick out the spot on the picture. And say the sounds correct then your child gets to take a dinky car and race it up the ramp.

Gooey Louie Game:

Add some fun with Gooey Louie. Each time your child gets a word or sound right to a card you are showing them, if they repeat a sound or word that you say or your child says a sound or word from a picture book etc. Then they get to pull one of Gooey Louie's large gooey boogers. Sounds fun doesn't it. Well to your child it will be.

There are also free online games on the internet that you can Google and your child can learn sounds this way as well. Which can be fun as most children like the computer.

These are sure to help your child stay focused. It will be fun and special time for you and your child at the same time.

Don't get frustrated or think it is not working after a week or two and no change. Remember your child has gotten in the habit of saying their speech their way for a much longer time. It will take time and try not to use your speech techniques with your child until speech time. As your child will just get frustrated and not cooperate. Once in a while is okay but not every word they say wrong. It will come just be patient.