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Wd40, Lubricant, Oil, Water Dispersant, It Does It All!

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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WD40 range

WD40 is a wonderful product. It is so versatile it can be used on almost everything - including the Human body! I am perfectly serious, it is a formula made from Fish oil, so is not a chemical at all. It is reputed to be very good for joints.

WD40 is made by a company in Milton Keynes in the UK, the same company that is responsible for producing three-in-one oil, and they also own the 1001 cleaning company.

For anyone interested, here are the contact details for the company:-

WD-40 Ltd

Brick Close,

Kiln Farm,

Milton Keynes,

MK11 3LJ

Phone: 0044 1908 555400

Fax: 0044 1908 266900

E-mail address is :- [email protected]

Apparently there are 2000 uses for this product, I will list just a few, to show you how versatile this product really is.

Dispelling water from electrics, especially vehicle ignition systems.

Freeing seized items in the home, garden, office, workshop, or garage.

Lubricating everything made from metal or plastic.

Cleaning stainless steel.

Preventing bare steel from rusting.

Removing road tar from cars.

Polishing Slate and Marble fireplaces.

Cleaning hands.

Removing wax from candles, also crayon marks.

Also good for getting rid of oil stains from fabrics.

WD actually stands for Water Dispersant, 40 is because it was the 40th attempt at developing the formula.

As you may imagine, the WD40 company has their own website, you can see it here for all the information you could ever wish for.

It is so handy, you can keep a can in the house, the garage, your car, anywhere you may need it. It comes in aerosols, but these are now becoming out of date, so trigger spray bottles made of plastic are now the thing. These hold every quantity you can think of, from a small pocket sized "pen", to a one gallon can which is big enough for any job.

If you own a bicycle, shed, car, toolbox, door, catch, or even just a hinge, then you will be requiring a can of this stuff sooner or later. It is better to prevent corrosion, rather than leave it until something seizes up. WD40 will penetrate and keep all metals free from corrosion, it will also lubricate. There are better products for freeing off seized parts, but WD40 is a good all-rounder.

WD40 is not expensive, as an example, a 250ml aerosol costs less than £4 in the UK, and you will find it a lot cheaper if you shop around. Aerosols have always been expensive, it is far cheaper to buy a bigger tin, and then decant it into your smaller trigger bottles. The "smartstraw" system is very good. It consists of a jet/spray fitted to the can, so you can never lose a straw ever again.

I have been using this for as long as I can remember, and can not think of any reason why I should not keep using it.