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What A Tastey Dream

Arplix Franklin By Arplix Franklin on
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We started buying soy milk 2 years ago because my mom is lactose intolerant and it was easier on her. We started out buying off brand soy milk, than tried 8th continent (very good but very expensive), also tried silk (good and expensive) than my sister brought home a small thing of rice dream from the store one day and we all got hooked. It's a rice based milk beverage it come in original, vanilla, carob, and chocolate. They also have "Heartwise" Rice dream milks too and Rice dream supremem in Chocolate chai and vanilla hazelnut.

It's soy free and lactose free. No funny after taste, not heavy and it tastes delicious! The one we get is shelf stable (not sold in the refrigerated section) and it's about 4 dollars for a big box depending on where you get it. They also have refridgerated beverages in original and vanilla.

I just found out also they make none dairy frozen ice cream! Sold in pints and quarts. There is carmel almond, cocoa marble fudge Organic and cookies n creme. Rice dream appeals to everyone with those pesky soy, lactose and even nut allergies.

Even though you have allergies you dont' have to skimp on taste! They also make soy dream (shelf stable, refridgerated and ice cream products.) Almond dream beverage (original and unsweetened.) Hemp dream (original and vanilla.)

Kidz dream soy and juice smoothies (berrie blast and orange cream.) Also chocolate dream bars (chocolate rasberry, rice crunch, almond, pure dark and creamy sweet.) We want to try Almond dream as well and I believe we've found Hemp dream too. I think it depends on where you live on what is sold at your stores but I would be willing to try all of them if I could.