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What Gamers Expect From The New Wii 2 System

Brian Lamacraft By Brian Lamacraft on
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Nintendo intends to release a follow up to the successful Wii console. Currently this new system is called Wii 2 or "Project Cafe". If you have played the Wii you know that the console has had some ups and downs. The Wii doesn't have as many great games as the PS3 or Xbox 360 and many of the games have been very mediocre or worse. The Wii did introduce motion to games but both The PS3 and Xbox 360 now offer these features. Gamers will have high expectations that the new system lives up to the hype being created.

Gamers will expect that the new system has titles as good or better than the other systems and have cutting edge graphics and sound features. Manyg ood Wii games still can't match the graphics and other features of the better consoles. If the Wii 2 is to be successful, full 3D features must be available. The Wii 2 needs to appeal to the hardcore gamer where it lost a majority of users due to its poor features. The Wii did sell plenty of units but the games never lived up to expectations in many cases.

The new Wii 2 will need a whole host of great games that will keep users coming back for more and buying titles. Major franchise titles need to made for all three consoles. Players will expect to play the same titles on the Wii that they have played on the PS3 and Xbox 360 systems. The key to its success will be great titles that completely change the face of gaming on the Nintendo system.

Th system will need to keep creating titles that made it popular such as the exercise program Wii Fit. The motion games were very successful and these should continue to be made only better with full 3D graphics and better features. On June 7th the system will arrive at the E3 show and players will get their first real look at the new system and what it has to offer.

I want a system that gives me great worlds to explore and games that blow me away. I want the Wii 2 to get me excited about Nintendo gaming again and want to buy new games. I want great new titles and not just the standard Mario style titles. Bring me great shooters, sports games, and others that become the centerpieces of the new console. The new face of Nintendo will soon be here, lets hope the Wii 2 is a good one.