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What Is Good For Your Health

By littled on
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Todays society revolves around drinks that cause more harm to the human body then good, all sodas include a high concentrated portion of sugar. I think that todays overweight problem is due to the amount of soda consumption all over the world, it also creates diabetes and so on. I think that people should focus on purchasing healthier drinks such as fruit juice, sports drink, or pure water. Companies make millions of dollars creating and selling products that only benefit them and hurt the consumer, many agree that soda is better tasting then most other drinks, but that is because they are designed to keep consumers hooked and wanting to continue wanting more. People should consider healthier living styles and look into their future, what looks good now may affect them many years from now. Kids are more affected by soda more than others, as young inviduals, their bodies are growing, without a proper diet many health problems will later result in their lifes. I keep my body free from sugar or sodas that contain large quantities of it, i chooose to live a healthy life style to insure a healthier future, free from health problems. It is better to drink 100% fruit juice then a soda, i don't know what people see in drinking something that they know will hurt them. Fast food places have also become a big bussinness, they create foods that are so bad and nasty for the individuals health, they also create problems. Obesidy is one of these problems, people are eating themselves into being overweight. Companies are very clever and only want to profit, they don't care about what problems causes the food they sell, who they hurt with their products. They are all about money, money, money no matter what the outcome is, but i guess that is why they call it a bussiness.