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What Its Like To Get A Tubal Ligation

Robin Crossman By Robin Crossman on
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After I had my third baby, I decided that I did not want to have any more children. After reviewing all of my options, I decided that getting a tubal ligation (tubes tied) would be the best option for me. I made an appointment with my obstrician and he set up the appointment for my surgery. In Canada, this operation is covered by OHIP so I didn't have to pay for it. On the day of the surgery you are quickly examined by a nurse to ensure that you do not have a fever and are in good health to go through with the surgery. You are not allowed to eat or drink anything past 10:00 p.m. on the day before your surgery and the nurse confirms with you that you have not eaten or drank anything. After you meet with the nurse, you are introduced to the anasthesiologist and he goes over the procedure and how the anasthetic will be administered. After this, you are taken to the actual operating room and are instructed to lie down on the table. Then the anasthesiologist starts the IV and asks you to count down from ten. I think I was out by 8. It was such a weird feeling to just suddenly fall asleep. During the surgery, the doctor makes two small incisions, one above your belly button and the other just above your pelvic area. Then he will either clamp the tubes or burn the ends to seal them off.

After the surgery you are taken to recovery where the monitor you while you wake up. I remember being very groggy and had a very hard time waking up. There were nurses all around me and they instructed me to take some medication. I believe it was morphine and tylenol. I wasn't in a great deal of pain when I woke up but they insisted that I take the medication. They kept me for observation for about 2 hours and then they sent me home. The medication made me very woozy and I was out of it for a few days afterwards. I also had mild to moderate pain a few days after. If you have this surgery, you should ensure that you have someone to take care of you for the first couple of days afterward. I didn't think the operation would knock me down as much as it did but now I am very glad that I had it done. If you are trying to decide whether to have this operation, just keep in mind that it is like any other surgery and there are risks involved. The recovery time is about 5-7 days, even though the doctors may say it it less than that.