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What Matters Most...

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Well, I am not a marriage counselor nor a guru.

I am simply a wife with a loving husband and like most couples, we too, are trying to find things that would make our marriage not only work and last, but also make it joyful and fruitful "till death do us part."

It is good to stay together but it is better to stay happily together and it is the second option that we are striving to achieve.

I am just blessed that my husband and I share the same faith so that when trials come, we look up to God for deliverance. Our faith has been strengthened lately because of all the difficulties that came along the way. And praise be to God, we jave joyfully surpassed them.

Additionally, one of the things that we strive to do and look forward to is being together--just the two of us. We spend time together without really spending much. We would watch a movie in the cinema or we can also watch a movie by playing a DVD on our laptop and sharing the earphone while the baby is asleep. We do this complete with microwaveable popcorn. We save on gas and baby sitter services for our baby.

Sometimes, we would just go to the park and walk around the lagoon a few times. Or we would sit idly even for just 30 minutes and watch the joggers pass by. We can also window shop and eat at a cheap diner. Whatever works.

While we would go around, we would sometimes hold hands, or I would hold his arm, or my husband would drape his arm around my shoulder. And we would giggle like we were high school sweethearts out on a date.

If we have some extra money and there is a special occasion, we get dressed and go to a fancy restaurant. Then we would go unwind in a coffee shop and just snuggle in a comfort nook.

Whatever works, we try to keep our romance alive and rekindle the times when we fell in love in the first place.

What matters most is that we are together. The date can be grand, on a budget, or cost nothing at all as long as we are together and enjoying each other's company.