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What Parents Need To Know

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There is a free video call out on the internet called Skype. Most people believe it costs money to use. Yes it does. However that is if you want to call someone. But if someone is online and you are online you can make a free video call. You can do this as long as the two persons doing the video call have a web camera with a built in microphone.

This is another window into your children’s lives for child predators. I know this because my child’s friend who is only 12 years old has a friend from Art school who is 19. He asked her download Skype. She did and stayed up late at night doing video calls with him. This 19 year old young man was asking her to do things that were sexually inappropriate. Luckily she was smart and told her mother right away and things got dealt with. The young man is now known to police where this child lives.

Unlike Msn Messenger parents can't log their children doings online as easily. There is no trail yet that I know of to know what your child nor who your child is interacting with. This is scary because I just heard about Skype a few months ago and already I have known a child who fell into the wrong friends online. I am not blaming Skype as I know there are other video to video sites out there. However the more we know about each one the better for the safetly of our children. These sites are not made for young children and need to be monitored if using them.

There are so many children that get on the internet not knowing the dangers. It is our job as parents to know and stop our children from having these child predators finding ways to our children. It doesn’t matter these days how old your child is. We must be aware of what they use the computer for. Know what is going on and be aware of the dangers of the internet. Talk to your children about safety online. Don’t think you know it all when you may not.