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When And How To Give Flowers

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Unlike other gifts, flowers are suitable for almost any occasion. Sometimes, in a workplace an agreement is made not to give gifts, except for flowers, because they are less binding. Only in exceptional circumstances: marriage, silver or golden anniversaries, etc. there should be an exeption and a cooperative gift should be prepared. In this case, it is necessary to appoint a responsible person who would be responsible for it.

Flowers are usually given by a man to a woman. It's not very appropriate when they are given by a woman to a man or by a woman to a woman or by a man to a man.

Flowers and little gifts can be sent in advance, but it is necessary to call and ask what bouquet the receiver woud like. If you do not know what bouquet is suitable for the occasion it is best to consult with a florist. A small bouquet is appropriate when going to an invited dinner.

When flowers carried in not so solemn occasion, when congratulated the owners arrange bouquet yourself - ask for a vase and a dip in the flowers. Unlike flowers, potted flowers are given only if it is known that the addressee likes them very much.

It should be borne in mind the language of flowers. It is generally believed that hot red roses is the expression of love and chrysanthemums are suitable only for funeral. It is usual to put a bouquet of even number of flowers, but it is not appropriate if the bouquet will be very big and will consist of many flowers.

Bouquets are often wrapped in transparent paper, but when the air temperature is below zero degrees celsius it is wrapped up in white paper. In such cases, before the delivery of flowers, they need to be unreeled. If flowers are wrapped in transparent foil and is it is a component of a bouquet do not remove the foil. Along with a bouquet it is not a bad idea to have a small gift or a greeting card, but only hand-written will suit.

There are cases in which flowers are not suitable:

• When inviting to a restaurant flowers needs to be sent home prior to the event;

• During condolence visit;

• Being a guest of honor.

Thus, gifts and flowers are not a bribe. They are always a pleasure to the receiving person. It should be remembered that it is not appropriate to overdo it. Gifts or flowers should not be either too expensive or too cheap, but should always comply with the provision of the situation. They should be chosen individually. A gift or a bouquet is a little surprise, which will ensure a positive atmosphere and promote your positive attitude.