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When Do You Let Your Pet Go?

mary60 By mary60 on
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Our pets have become part of our families and when they become sick or old, it's very hard to let go.. Do we just keep them here for us, or do we want them to pass comfortable. This is a question that many of us with pets, have to face someday. Many pets can live to a good age, if taken care of and loved much, but the hardship of letting go can be traumatic for the whole family. How do we make that choice of what to do? How do we explain to the children? How do we know if we are making the right decisions? Some would say not to be selfish or let the pet suffer, but only our hearts can judge our reasons for the decision we have to make.

Our family has had to deal with the sickness of a cat that was 16 yrs old, and whether to put her to sleep or wait for her to die on her own( which she did). Today a much loved dog passed (13 years old) and she was slowly passing in front of our eyes. Was she hurting or should we have put her to sleep, thats was the question. The Vet thought he could do something, but she went to Dog Heaven a few hours later. We do believe she was waiting for us to get home.The saddness in the family is overwhelming. Today we feel like we won't get over this lost of our dog. She was so special and beautiful. She will now spend her life with us through Cremation.

The decision of what to do has to be an individual one. Sometimes we make decisions about our animals out of love, and other times we have no choice. It's a hard choice to make either way. We are feeling so much saddness today..