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When In Colorado Come Visit Tiny Town The Kids Will Love It

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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Tiny Town Colorado the kid size town nestled in the Rockies Mountains where the stagecoach from Denver to Leadville met. Built in 1915 by George Turner who started the project for his daughter it opened to the public in 1920 to the public and with in five years it had become one of Colorado's top sight seeing places.

Mr. Turner stared adding small trains and by 1939 "the world famous Tiny Town Railway was running at full steam, children from all over were delighted and had memories for years to come.

On several occasions, the town was, threatened by fire and some of the original houses had burned down. In 1988 a foundation stepped in, refurbished, and rebuilt the house to bring Tiny Town back to life. Thanks to the Tiny Town Foundation, a non-profit program had brought Tiny Town back to life by 1990.

When you go to Tiny Town, you are amazed with the small houses decorated, on the insides to the era. The train is running and it is fun to ride around to see the entire town. Then after the train ride on the smallest train, you get to walk around and look at the buildings, which are like big, dollhouses.

It is a very enjoyable place to go site seeing, kids are amazed that the houses are not much bigger than they are and they love the train ride. Even adults enjoy going to Tiny Town it is a place you can enjoy a picnic and the scenery.

We had a friend from Ireland, another friend and her daughter come from Ohio last summer, we all had a lovely time, and the little girl was so amazed by the town and the train. If you are headed to Colorado for the summer come visit everything.