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When Will The People Learn?

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The Philippine Presidential Elections is coming very soon in May 2010. It will be the first automated elections in the Philippines.

As such, we have been bombarded with politicals ads for several months now in various forms of media--TV, print, internet, fliers, broadcast, etc. Our children (or you may very well include adults) are already singing to the many jingles that the politicians use for name recall. Adults are already suffering from last song syndrome of these jingles. And why not? We here them everyday, from Monday to Sunday, from morning till we go to sleep.

So much money is being spent (shall I say wasted) in these political ads. If we really come to think of if, would politicians really spend so much without the intent of gaining it all back and some more? One presidential candidate declared on TV that he has ended his bout with poverty, as he is one of the richest guys in the Philippines today. He said that if he only wants to enrich himself, he will not be in politics but he willl continue on being a businessman. Who is he kidding? There is no losing end in government. If you are in power, you are always in a win-win situation. One signature could already mean millions of pesos in the pocket.

Sadly, many people fall prey to such promises of politicians. They do little in getting to know the candidates, their agenda, and their background. Sometimes, I just think that we deserve the people that we put in power because we, as a people, blindly vote for them. We do not vote wisely and we sell our votes. How long should we suffer as a nation because of the kinds of leaders that we elect into public office? When will the Filipino people ever learn?

But as a friend of mine said, this system will not change, not in my lifetime, nor in my child's lifetime. I denounce that. I claim victory for the Filipino people. I claim victory for God's appointed leader of this nation. I hope and pray for God's favor for this nation.