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When Your Kids Are No Longer Kids

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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You would think that you kids would be all grown up and ready to take on the world once they hit twenty-one, I know at eighteen they are supposed to be adults according to the law, I know that when I was eighteen I thought I was an adult and all grown up but I wasn't. At eighteen for me I was pregnant, unmarried and I was terrified what was I going to do with a baby? I thought about giving her up for adoption but I just could not do that I knew at that age that if I could get myself pregnant I needed to own up to it and try to be the best mom I could be.

My first daughter was born when I was nineteen, I was lucky that I had others to help me to take care of her. I had a nanny and my mother to get me though the first few months. Then I moved in with her father and we got married. The first time I had to make a bottle on my own was a disaster we still had glass bottles in those days, and I ended up with formula and glass everywhere. No one told me how long to warn the bottle.

Luckily, for her she made it through her younger years and will soon be 30 years old I can hardly believe it. I would always tell my girls when they said why that it was in the mother handbook. Now my girls use the same on their kids when they ask why, I can say that I am very proud of my oldest she is very mature for her age I just wish all my others would become more mature, start being adults, and grow up please.