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Who Made Cheating In Relationships Ok?

missawalker By missawalker on
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A conversation on Twitter provoked me to start thinking about how people view relationships. It is not hard to find articles that offer relationship advice. I've noticed that it is even easier to find articles telling women what they are doing wrong in their relationship or how they need to deal with their issues.

The conversation we were having focused on how many women believe that there is no need for loyalty to their relationship until a man puts a ring on their finger. Makes me wonder if this attitude comes from past broken relationships where cheating played a role. Do more men need to face the realities of how their actions affect women emotionally?

Many men claim that they cheat because the women they are with are too emotional. Emotional by nature are women really to blame? Try caring and understanding that woman and her concerns. Be the man who proves her fears wrong.

When we have media glorifying the act of cheating more and more people are doing it as if nothing is wrong with it. Living in a society where women once had no rights and were treated as if they were nothing our ancestors have taught us that the act of cheating is ok. As women gained independence they began to fight back by doing the same things that men do. Two wrongs don't make anything right. .

With this fight we now have more women with children outside of wedlock, and few of them even know who the child's father is. Carrying the blame for this these women are now carrying more emotional baggage. With this fight we have more and more people viewing relationships and sex as a game. A game that nobody will ever win. When all she was searching for is love.

Playing the blame game will not change things. Teaching our children self-respect and how to respect others will make a great start. Looking beyond ourselves and leading by example as parents will also help. Change starts at home.

Being a single women that believes a relationship deserves dedication to getting to know a person and learning whether the person you are with is the person that you can't stand to live your life without; I really need to know who made cheating ok anyways?