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Who Really Rules The Roost

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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As a mother or three and a step-mom of three a grandmother of eleven you would think, it would be my kids or my grandchildren who are in charge well besides the grandkids having control so do the animals and I enjoy every minute of it. What I have found is when my nest started to empty out, I started collecting animals I have three dogs a Rottweiler, two Chow mixes and two adorable cats. People that come to visit cannot believe that they all get along so well and that we do not have any Issues with the chows or the Rottie and the cats get along with them just as well.

I introduced Lucky to you in one of my articles and I thought wow I should introduce the rest of the clan. Now Lucky and Boggie our Rottie are the ones that are most active and get into just about everything, but they all bring joy to my husband and me.

All our animals do some of the craziest things, Roxy one of the chow's thinks she is the mother to the cats and to Boggie. Taz is protective of everyone he was my first puppy. Ms Mollie Malone who, we named after an Irish song thinks she is the mother to Lucky and Taz so you see animals can be just as dysfunctional as people can. They also prove they own the roost.

I like taking pictures of my animals they do some crazy things at time, Mollie will cuddle with Lucky and clean him during the day and she does the same to Boggie. Taz and Boggie eat snow and Roxy guards' the food dish.

If you like animals, please adopt one they need homes just like us or send money to the your local