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Whole Foods Are The Key To Good Health

Brian Lamacraft By Brian Lamacraft on
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If you have ever tried to lose weight you know how hard it can be. There are so many diet plans, pills, and people pushing the latest fad. There's one thing you can do now to improve your health for the long-term.

The key to good health comes with eating what are called whole natural foods. These food items include such things as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, water, nuts and seeds. When you eat whole food you give your body the vital nutrition it needs to help maintain your weight and even take the pounds off. You can increase your consumption of whole food by getting back to the basics of cooking your own meals.

Our diets are so poor because we consume too much processed food which is full of additives, chemicals, sugar, salt and fat. Processed food is easy to prepare because it comes in a package or its frozen. Fast food and other quick meals contain too many calories and not enough nutrition because many of the nutrients are stripped away during processing. You gain weight because you don't get enough nutrition from the processed food. For example, a cola is refreshing, but it's nothing but sugar. If you drink just water you get no calories and adequate hydration. Fruits and vegetables are whole foods and they have fewer calories but high vitamins and minerals. When you eat these foods your body has the energy from proper nutrition to keep you going. Adding more whole food to your diet will improve your health in the long run.

To start eating more whole foods you need to avoid the processed packaged food from the grocery store. Spend most of your money on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Learn to cook with natural ingredients and not rely of the quick, easy to prepare meal. If you have a lack of time, make the meals on the weekend and freeze them for use during the week which will allow you to eat a good healthy meal that is fast to prepare too. For your main meal eat less meat and add more vegetables and for dessert, you can eat more fruit. Make soups with natural ingredients and don't rely on the canned high-salt versions.

Eating processed food might save you time but in the long run you'll damage your health. Get back to the basics of nutrition with real whole food and you'll see a dramatic change in your overall health.