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Why Do People Cheat

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Why do people cheat? Affair is always a fascinating topic for all of us. It’s rare that you will go through a relationship without thoughts about your mate cheating on you, especially if your relationship is on the rocky side. Many of us are unfortunate and have to deal with deadly affairs that ruin our lives. Relationship is tricky so you might want to be with someone that you trust.

The question will often come to those that have been cheated, and even the rich and the famous get cheated on. So why do people cheat? I think the answer to this question will depend on each relationship, since they’re all different. I don’t think any situation will be the same. I was cheated on a few times by my ex-boyfriends and I think that they cheated on me because I wasn’t there and we also are not meant for each other. We didn’t get along and we didn’t really love each other so the qualities of our relationships were very poor. If they were high quality, I don’t think I would have been cheated on by them. I guess it’s fair to say that the cheating was a good thing for our relationships so that I had a good reason to not get back with them.

I think that people cheat because there are reasons for them to cheat. Look at Shania Twain, she’s rich, beautiful, famous and one of the best women in this world, yet she didn’t escape from cheating, and especially it was done by her best friend, something to really get angry about. The best friend was lying to her for the longest time. This is why no relationship is ever immune from cheating unless it’s superb. I guess the quality of the relationship really matters, look at John Edward, he was running for president but couldn’t really stay away from cheating. Sometimes, you just have to keep an eye on your mate and assess your relationship status, and if it’s going downhill, you should think about affairs because it’s possible.

Sometimes, there are no victims in the affair since a bad relationship doesn’t make anyone a victim, but only a good relationship does. For example, if two people are fighting constantly and don’t even share the same bedroom for years, then why should they stay together and if one partner goes off to find another mate then maybe it’s the answer to their terrifying relationship. This is why I think that cheating could be a solution to bad relationship. They need a good reason to keep them apart.

Another reason is neglect in relationship. For example, you work hard and then you go home and you sleep. You don’t spend time with your partner enough so they go off and find someone new. You don’t make them feel loved anymore. You don’t spend quality time with them. A relationship is just like a young rose growing, it needs water and fertile and sunshine. You can’t deprive it of nutrients and expects it to grow really good.