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Why Paid To Click Sites Are Unrealistic

Mister Tickle By Mister Tickle on
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To begin with, what is a paid to click site?

A paid to click site is a meeting room where advertisers meet up with buyers. In a paid to click sites, members click advertisements and then they get paid. The name pretty much gives away how the does site works. If you still do not know how it works, then let me explain. If Ted sells ebooks and he decides to advertise his website on a paid to click site, then his site would be listed until the click quota is up. For clickers, you get advertisements daily and you click them. Each click is worth somewhere between $0.001 to $0.05 usually.

Now what?

Now that you know how a paid to click (PTC) site work, why is it unrealistic?

To start with, there are a few problems with paid to click sites. The first problem is that it offers unrealistic income. It takes me months just to earn one dollar. After some researching, I, like many clickers, are not using paid to click sites properly. To earn hundreds of dollars, we must refer members and earn from down lines. Some believe that this is perfectly reasonable. Others find this as a lot of hard work for just a few dollars more.

The next reason is unrealistic advertising. I have encountered many paid to click sites with a few advertisements to display. No one will pay for somewhere to visit their site and purchase their product. Clickers click the links to get paid, they don't care what the site has to offer. That's why the majority of the advertisement links redirects you to another paid to click site. People advertise so that they can get referrals. Some consider this as an investment. Some succeed while many people fail. I have advertised on a few paid to click sites and I find that it is a waste of money. After receiving 800 hits or so to my link, I got maybe 2 sign ups. This is when I learned about where these links come from.

Individuals rarely advertise on paid to click sites. The links from paid to click sites come from site owners. The owner of a paid to click site also owns many other sites. They display their own links as a form of promoting their sites. They may choose to do this to get traffic or to get people to deposit money. Once a paid to click site isn't earning any money, it gets shut down or sold to someone else. They are very unstable, provide unrealistic income, and is an ineffective method of advertising for individuals like me.