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Why World Cup Should Use Instant Replay

Rahi Patel By Rahi Patel on
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The World Cup has been around since 1930 and only happens every four years ending with one winner from one country. Instant replay is used in some American sports like Baseball, Football and Basketball but it isn't used in the World Cup "soccer". Since the World Cup "soccer" started in June of 2010, there has been some mistakes by the referees in games that were necessary for some teams to win. For example United States vs Slovenia game that cost United States the win. The mistakes by referees may have cost teams wins or goals that could have helped them be a better team. So who is pushing for instant replay? It's not the Americans, Mexicans, English or even Brazilians. Know one is pushing instant replay and it's just not going to happen until this problem keeps happening in every game over and over and if it will cause teams wins and goals. If instant replay is not used in sports like soccer it may lead to teams losing important games that might help them reach a championship. Overall people want FIFA to bring in instant replay to help improve soccer and correct mistakes by referees so that the real winner and walk away as a winner.

So the concept of controversy will forever be instilled in soccer, the instant replays will never be assessed to the game simply because if you want perfection and justification in every play I suggest you watch football. Soccer coaches will never have a red flag in their pocket, and the game will forever have unholy men dressed in black at center circle that one team loves, and unite us in controversy, and glory. As history shows there is always a winner and a loser, history is always written by the winner whether it be with or without instant replay.