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Why You Should Not Have A Big Family

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Is having too many children a good idea in this day and age? I see so many families struggling over jobs and paying their bills just over children. I love children too but they’re costly and too problematic for many people. There are families out there that are just devastated over their cost and their children. They work days and nights and can’t seem to put things together and this is when relationship starts to fail, cheating begin, abuse begin and then divorce begins. I see this cycle continues with many people and I’m glad to say that I’m not one of them. I don’t have children and a bad relationship. This is because I took the time to stop them. I make sure that I don’t have children and that I don’t have draining relationship.

I do have a lot of sympathy for those that are just struggling with their finances, children and relationship. It will never end for them. This is why family planning or planning steps in. you have to plan your life in a way that will help you not hurt you. You want to go through being able to have a good family and being able to meet all of your demands. I think a lot of people are living from paycheck to paycheck and they don’t have a lot saved up. I think finance is one of their biggest concerns. I hope that people will see what they’re doing to themselves and that they make an adjustment to better improve their lives.

I came from a big family so I learn from the beginning that a big family is not that easy to manage. I have been trying since I was a teenager to help raise my family and I believe that I wanted to spend time doing other things instead of just raising my family. I wanted to finish college, get a good job, build business and be successful but I couldn’t do a lot of that because family was always holding me back. You couldn’t go on a date without people calling you. You couldn’t go out without people calling you. You couldn’t do anything without people calling you home. It was like having chain and shackle and it wasn’t funny.

I think one way to help people manage their lives better is to have less children and make sure that they have a college education and can get a good job to help their family. If you have a college degree or some training, you will be able to get a job to help your family. Children should come after college and after finding a good job. Family planning is so important so people should think twice before getting a lifetime loan like a child if they have no way to pay back yet.