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Will Noynoy Aquino Quits Smoking?

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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Now that the Senate and House of Representatives are in joint session to canvass the votes for the Vice-President and President and subsequently proclaims the winners of the May 10, 2010 Elections will it really be to hold the highest position of the land? As per Senator Noynoy AquinoCOMELEC and PPCRV counts, the sons of late Senator Ninoy and Cory Aquino shows a lead by millions over the second in rank former president Joseph Estrada. In this regard, Senator Aquino is very busy monitoring the current canvassing being made by both Congress and creating his set of officers to lead the different agencies of the government as well.

But one of the controversial issues being faced by Senator Aquino, aside from having Kris Aquino as a sister, is the issue on his smoking. The senator can consumes 2 to 3 packs of cigarette a day and according to experts he could already be addicted to nicotine. He admitted to his being as a smoker (a chain smoker maybe) and reveals plan of quitting from it like US President Barack Obama but he admitted he cannot do it quickly. The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines or FCAP even asked Senator Aquino's help in the government's anti-smoking campaign by being the poster boy.

I guess the challenge will be pretty hard for Senator Aquino to deal with especially will all the troubles he will face once he assumes his office as President. But I also understand the concern of many Filipinos on his health. If he indeed the one to be officially announced as the winner for the Presidential race, people is expecting for a healthy and well president to lead them. The country is facing so many problems like unemployment, corruption, low quality education, standard of living, etc. With a big and hard work at hand the issue on Senator Aquino‘s smoking emerged from institutions, experts and the people knowing the harmful effects of smoking.

I guess this smoking issue will also a concern of the president's security since smoking is ban among government offices and so he needs to puff outside. What a chain reaction of problem? But if I will give my unsolicited advice to president apparent Noynoy Aquino of course I will encourage him to try his best to quit smoking gradually until he totally quits. Why? Not only because he is the president but as a person, a bachelor indeed. I just hope that all the works he needs to be done will help him eradicate smoking in his system.