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Wooden Step, Home Made, Just As Good.

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Many years ago, I was asked by "she who must be obeyed" if we could buy a step, of course I wanted to know what a step was, and when it was described, I offered to make one. I was of course turned down flat, but after looking at some nasty plastic examples, I was asked if mine would be good enough. I replied that mine would be a lot better, and could be made to any size, weight, or specification she wanted.

To my great surprise, my offer was accepted, (Mars must have been passing Uranus or something) and after measuring up some wood, (I copied one of the plastic designer ones), I constructed a lovely dark stained step, with two removable feet, so the height could be varied. The top was covered in rubber non-slipmatting material, and the feet had little rubber buttons on the bottom, so the step would be secure. The removable feet sounded like a good idea at the time, however I have never yet removed them, it seems that the height is just right.

Mine was heavier than a shop bought one, and a lot more durable. It has been used for quite a number of years now, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is normally stored upside down under the bed, stowing training weights and a skipping rope. I have also used it to stand on when changing light bulbs, etc.

I could have painted it any colour I wanted, even to co-ordinate a room colour, but because it is constructed out of mainly hardwood, I decided to give it a stain and several coats of good varnish. This ensured that it will look good for many years to come. I did consider fitting a carrying handle, but this was decided against, because of the risk of it catching laces etc.

I hope you will think about making your own bespoke model. This can be tailored to your requirements, and used for a variety of exercises, from step-up aerobics, to simple press-ups, dips, and many more.

Thanks to my step, I now have muscles like Charles Atlas! - Not really, but I do have wrinkles like Charles Aznavour!