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Working With Dress Code Versus Professionalism

By ladychai on
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More often than not we see people wear office attire when they go to their respective offices. Many said one would look more professional with proper attire.How does one define professionalism? Can someone be called professional just by looking at them?

Sure you'd look marvelous in a dress and highheels and you'd look hip and chic. I have seen and studied many an office here in Cebu, Philippines and at some certain point having a dress code can help.

Having a dress code can help if your customers can see you all the time. It will help if you need to face large clients but if you work on the back end? Will it still help?

I work in an office with no dress code. People can even just go to work in their sleeping attire and no one will care. Yet our company keeps on growing maybe because of the relax environment that was implemented. People tend to stay in our company because of this and never minding if other companies have higher compensations and benefits. Before we separated from the previous company that handled us and created our very own company, there was an agreement made by the employees and our consultant that having no dress code should not be changed. The previous company our company was connected with was a laid back company and was composed of graphic artists and software developers. If you are an artist, it is very important that you can express yourself to be able to produce quality work. I guess that was the reason why that company opted on not having a dress code.

In our building, there are other tenant companies and they have dress codes. They tend to belittle us because of how rugged we look. I guess it is more on the perception of those people around you that will affect most of who you are as a workforce but as long as you are doing your job efficiently and diligently, the kind of work you do will not be affected.

I believe that it is not in your physical appearance that defines your professionalism but rather in your character and how you treat your work and how you think your work treats you. There are those properly dressed employees and yet are not doing their job properly so it is more on the principle of the employee and their preference.

Professionalism is not characterized by physical appearance but it is through your behavior in the office that does. As for me, I prefer wearing anything I like to wear because I want to be confident while working as I can move easier without anyone physically defining my character.