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Wowowee Review

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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Wowowee is for me the best noontime game show. Given the stage lights and presentation, with all the singing, dancing and games plus the way the hosts especially Willie Revillame handle the show just really blend. The show is filled with games that give away money and other prizes that the studio or raffled contestants can instantly win. They have the famous "Hep, Hep, Hooray" portion, Cash Motto, Tic Tac to Win, and more.

I know the burden for Willie, being the main host of the show, to keep the audience alive and cheerful. It is not enough that the show has great games and prizes. The blending of everything from the hosts, the games, its stage and with all the singing, dancing and other presentations is very indispensable to come out with a great and very entertaining show. In that regard I think Wowowee delivers it very well.

But I started to see obvious electioneering in this worldwide famous noontime game show. The first instance was when I saw vice presidential candidate Senator Mar Roxas proposed to veteran broadcaster Korina Sanchez. Second was the day where 6 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) served as contestants. They all have their own sad stories to tell and at the end of the game the host Willie Revillame requested presidential candidate Senator Manny Villar a house and lot for each of the six contestants and it's done in an instant. The third one was where Senator Villar again gave 3 million pesos to group of contestants of kids coming from poor families for their educational needs. The fourth was when vice presidential candidate Senator Loren Legarda celebrated her birthday on the show. She introduced her scholars and announced names of different schools to receive computer package. Until now the color of orange and the symbol of check, identified symbols for presidential candidate Senator Manny Villar, are being pronounced during the show which give the political color.

I know for a fact that Willie Revillame is endorsing the candidacy of Senator Manny Villar for presidency but I find it not right to mix a great game show with politics. The two are completely different platforms. A game show like Wowowee is there to entertain, incidentally discovers talented contestants and helps people from the monetary and in kind prizes it is giving away. But in politics, you cannot just easily give 6 houses and lots or definitely the 3 million pesos. If that is a reality then I guess there will be no more poor and renting Filipino families.

Let the dirt and evil of politics takes its own course and never ever associated it in a game show. I hope that ABS-CBN Management will maintain the true entertaining value of Wowowee. As for Willie Revillame, I respect his political stand but I also hope that he manage to separate his political agenda away from Wowowee. There is always a right time and place for everything and indeed there are things we cannot combine or else both might suffer.