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Writing Your Own Poems

By ladychai on
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Poetry is a form of literary art utilizing intricate wordings to express one's feelings. I first discovered my passion for poetry during my junior year in highschool. I never had any education on how to write poems properly, I did not know what measurements there are to qualify your writing as a poem but I do know that poetry is a way to express your feelings in a more magical and detailed way.

All throughout my junior and senior year in highschool, I must have created a thousand poems but because I usually write poems during a splurge of the moment especially when an idea strikes in my head, most of the time, my poems gets written in any writing material I get my hands into. My books became covered with doodles and poems and even my test papers. Because of this, my classmates would request me to write poems for them which I am very glad to do.

It was later when I started to read books about poem measurements and rhyming and even word counting. Yes there is a vast variety of poetry but one thing is very common and it is to evoke one's sentence into intricate meanings by utilizing words that usually depict one's feelings.

My usual topic when it comes to poetry writing is about love, a lost love, a brand new love but I am not limited to just that, in fact there was one time that I wrote a really scary poem and also a funny poem, environmental concern poems and more. Before I actually write my poem, I always try to think of a story and try visualizing it through poetry.

Way back in college, my friends and I created a poetry society, we planned to collate our poems and publish it into a poetry book but with budget constraints, and the plan remained a plan until all our compilations were lost. Although we are now working in different fields, whenever we do meet we always squeeze in poetry as part of our discussions.

Hopefully, with the aid of technology, we get to publish our poems after all. Anyone can actually write a poem because there is no definite definition on how a poem should look, measure or rhyme. I dare you to try it. You'll see you'll like it.

I have some poems published online, please check: BZfootprintz