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Young And Earning!

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Many young people are finding jobs in order to survive. They tend to look for jobs to help them financially, not only for themselves, but more especially, their families. Young people, as new workers, face a number of challenges on how to work for their future, develop self-esteem and develop their personalities. These challenges may appear intensely difficult to the young mind but they will definitely serve as a learning curve, and will prepare them for when they enter the economic workforce after securing their Bachelor's Degree.

The best thing about youth employment is that it does not require a high level of education or earlier work experience. It may be taken with the option of flexible working hours which are ideal for students. It also provides skill sets necessary for actual career employment.

The most common reasons for motivating the youth to work are for gaining job experience, personal financial resources, references and additional sources of income while pursuing an academic degree and social interaction.

The usual jobs offered for the youth, at this time, are as service crew in fast food restaurants, part-time call center agents, technology-based jobs (like animators, web designer and data encoders), tutors, or even as artists. Youth Entrepreneurship is especially gaining popularity. It gives the youth a chance to create and manage their own "businesses", which could range from selling their old stuff or recycled materials, to making their own products (accessories, customized shirts, fruit shakes, etc.) for sale.

Although many young people are unable to secure jobs in the formal economy, the lack of social safety nets mean that they have to engage in some form of work in order to survive. For young people, jobs provide a source not only of income, but also of dignity and self-respect.

“Always do your best, what you plant now, you will harvest later.”