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Young Relationships And Family

mary60 By mary60 on
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Dating and having long relationships when you are young is a thing to think about My husband and i have known each other almost all our lives, and when we started dating (real young), people thought we were crazy. My parents didn't really agree with our dating, but thought we would get over it. What could kids our age know about life and what we wanted. They did limit my dating to where and how long I was out. We were able to talk to them about our feelings and how we felt about each other. We dated for 5 years and had to finish high school. Right after graduation we got married and have been married ever since ( 45 yrs). Most of our years have been great and we don't regret our early dating or marriage. Over the many years we have had to work hard and continue to see the best in each other. Two years after marriage, we had a son, and then 4 yrs later another son. We did do our best and they turned out pretty good. A good life for sure!

Would i have recommended the early dating, not for my sons or grandchildren. I was constantly telling them to wait til they were older. My sons married at 28 and 30, so far so good, but times are so much harder now. My husband and i were lucky and knew that our relationship would only grow, if we worked at it. Neither one of us ever felt like we missed anything, like other relationships, careers, etc. My husband spent 43 years in the Air Force, so maybe that gave us some kind of discipline in our lives.

Having spent over three quarters of my life with one man, whom I and my parents adore, has to say something about our relationship. Were we too young, yes, but we knew we had something worth working for. We can be called one of the lucky ones.

Update On May 02, 2010: A strong marriage, but alot of commitment and work. I will say today there are more challenges with work, family, and just getting along. Giving into divorce is a way out instead of working on things. I truly believe marriage isn't for everyone.