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Your Not The Only One Frustrated

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Is your child struggling in school? There are many solutions to helping your child succeed. There are sources such as Sylvia's Learning Centres. However there are things you can do at home.

First it is frustrating for not only you as a parent but your child as well. Just imagine how frustrated your child is. They try their best and still just can't understand the work. This will also lower their self esteem. Which in return makes learning more challenging to your child?

You sit back in fear that your child isn't going to make it to grade 12 or worse college or university. You need to relax and your child will feel you are less tense as well. Which in return your child will be less tense and more focused.

First off beware you may not even notice it, but you may sigh, roll your eyes or talk a deep breath when your child can't answer a question or gives you an off the wall answer. You may even get so frustrated and say things such as "You’re not even trying", "You’re not thinking with your noggin" or "you must not be paying attention in school". Believe it or not these comments will lower your child's self esteem. Change your comments to "try it this way", "good answer", "can you think of anything else" or let me show you how to check to make sure your answer is correct".

Try to make homework time right after school or as soon as possible. As their minds are most active then. Have a quite spot where there are no distractions. Give lots of praise even though you feel they are not trying hard enough.

Some children who get low marks in school actually know the answer. Maybe not an A or B answer but a better answer then what they are giving. However they feel stupid if they say an answer that is going to be knocked down. Therefore the child sits and things so hard at what would be the best most intelligent answer. And the child comes up with something way of topic and off the wall.

Relax your child may just do better with praise and acceptance of their work. That they really do try hard to accomplish their tasks. You may find that once you stop trying so hard for those A's in your child. (That you know they are capable of). Your child will start to feel more relaxed.

Try it out for a week or two. Praise your child and let them give the best answer that they can and before you know it your child will start feeling more confident and you may be surprised that your child is getting better grades without the feeling of pressure to get the “Better answers” .

Keep in mind there are other cheaper ways to get tutoring for your child if you don’t have the patience or the time because of work schedules. You can contact your local high school and there are students there loking to get in their 40 hours coop to graduate. The school may appoint a student to tutor your child. This is free as well.

If you feel you have tried everything else. Maybe there is a medical problem such as ADHD etc. Just stay calm as your child really needs you too. The last thing they want is to disappoint you.

You can also look on the internet for tricks to help your child learn and under stand math for example:

The nine time tables:










All answers equal 9 if you put a + in between the 2 numbers.

If you drop one on the number you are timing by 9, let's say 9x7 take the 7 drop 1 number in your head. You get 6 now add from 6 to get 9. which would be 3. Answer 63. 6+3 = 9.

Believe it or not children that just don't understand. Usually pick up quite easily on this pattern but only once they feel confident that they will understand it because a child that is not understanding right now only hears blah, blah, blah, Last advice, Praise, praise, praise. Works wonders.

There are many ways to have fun when learning. The internet has some wonder sites for all ages. Most are free.