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Magic Bullet Express Mixer
By: allie63078 on Oct 01 | Topic Expertise:

I was in Bed, Bath & Beyond one day just looking around when I came across the Magic Bullet Express. I had seen the infomercials...

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Nuva Ring Birth Control
By: allie63078 on Jan 09 | Topic Expertise:

I use birth control regularly and till now have been taking birth control pills and for me this has been an easy and quick way...

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Reynolds Handi Vac Vacuum Sealer
By: allie63078 on Jan 10 | Topic Expertise:

Every year for Christmas, my family gets together on Christmas Eve for a big family party. We eat, open gifts and play games. One game...

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Ab Lounge
By: allie63078 on Sep 25 | Topic Expertise:

I bought this equipment, thinking it would be a great exercise tool and would be really helpful. Overall, I was only minimally impressed. Putting it...

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By: allie63078 on Jun 09 | Topic Expertise:

Over the past few months, I have purchased several books by Jodi Picoult, so when I saw this one in the store, I decided to add it to my collection....

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Suddenly Sauna For Hands
By: allie63078 on Jun 09 | Topic Expertise:

My sister & I recently went shopping and since she had a gift certificate to Bath & Body Works, we stopped in there to browse...

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By: allie63078 on Apr 10 | Topic Expertise:

There is absolutely nothing good I can say about freecreditreport.com except that they are a bunch of liars & thieves. You see their commercials on tv all the time about...

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Tired Of Rough, Scratchy Feet?
By: allie63078 on Apr 10 | Topic Expertise:

Unfortunately for me, I am one of those who struggle constantly with dry, crackly feet that feel scratchy & rough and I hate it. I...

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By: allie63078 on Jul 01 | Topic Expertise:

Last weekend, my husband & sister & I went to Panama City Beach in Florida for a short weekend vacation. We had booked us a room in the Celedon Beach...

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Nice Computer Desk
By: allie63078 on May 21 | Topic Expertise:

I recently purchase two computer desks from Walmart.com for my husband & I to use in our home office. I have purchase other Sauder products...

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