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By: bmused on Dec 15 | Topic Expertise:

Digital cameras are lots of fun, but most still don't produce pictures that are as high quality as those made with film cameras, and those that do produce professional quality...

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By: bmused on Dec 21 | Topic Expertise:

The Amber Spyglass is the final book in Philip Pullman's fantasy trilogy, His Dark Materials, which began with The Golden Compass and continued with The Subtle Knife. Pullman does a...

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By: bmused on Dec 14 | Topic Expertise:

New York & Company Body Shapers have become an indispensible staple of my wardrobe. Body Shapers are tank tops with adjustable spaghetti string straps and built in shelf bras that...

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By: bmused on Sep 04 | Topic Expertise:

Curves is a chain of fitness centers designed especially and exclusively for women. When you walk into a Curves, it won't look like a typical gym. First, you won't see...

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By: bmused on Dec 07 | Topic Expertise:

The Golden Compass is the first book in the fantasy trilogy "His Dark Materials" by British author Philip Pullman. Technically, The Golden Compass is a book for children ages ten...

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By: bmused on Dec 22 | Topic Expertise:

Do you love photography? Do you love to travel? Then consider combining the two by embarking on a photography trek and workshop sponsored by Mentor Series, a division of Hatchette...

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By: bmused on Nov 12 | Topic Expertise:

Soho Spices offers a line of extremely popular and fashionable storage racks that are useful in the kitchen for storing spices, in the office for storing paper clips, or in...

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By: bmused on Oct 11 | Topic Expertise:

Crawling insects, particularly cockroaches and ants, can be a nuisance in any household. Black Jack insect spray is remarkably effective at killing these pests. (This review is based exclusively on...

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By: bmused on Dec 11 | Topic Expertise:

Storm King Art Center is a unique outdoor sculpture museum that provides opportunities for outings for individuals, couples, and families. The facility is located on five hundred acres of lawns...

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By: bmused on Dec 02 | Topic Expertise:

If you read only one magazine, it should be the New Yorker. The magzine's event listings and its Talk of the Town Section, which features short, anecdotal pieces, are New...

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