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Magic Window Energy Star
By: dedee on Apr 06 | Topic Expertise:

I got a knock at my door a few months ago. It was a salesman from Magic-Window. The man was driving by our home and...

Type: Product Review | Category: Renovating | Rating:
Acer   Aspire Review
By: dedee on Sep 01 | Topic Expertise:

We needed a new computer because our old one died. We need one fast because of my husbands business and my websites. We wanted the...

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By: dedee on Jun 11 | Topic Expertise:

Owners of a website or blog knows that you want as many incoming links to their site as possible. Links to your site without spamming that is. There are many...

Type: General Article | Category: Computers & Laptops
By: dedee on Jan 14 | Topic Expertise:

Are you noticing your child's speech isn't so good? Their sounds are not coming out right? Or if they get talking to fast you are the only one that can...

Type: General Article | Category: Education & Learning
By: dedee on Jan 11 | Topic Expertise:

Is your child struggling in school? There are many solutions to helping your child succeed. There are sources such as Sylvia's Learning Centres. However there are things you can do...

Type: General Article | Category: Education & Learning
By: dedee on Feb 07 | Topic Expertise:

Getting fit is fun and challenging. I joined a website called. www.dailyburn.com. It is not just for people who want to lose weight. It is for people who are trying...

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Home Security
By: dedee on Feb 02 | Topic Expertise:

This is a security camera. It records the area in which you have the camera facing. It is great to have if you are not...

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By: dedee on Jan 10 | Topic Expertise:

Have you ever noticed that there is an SD slot on your Wii? There is one right on the front of the Wii when you open the small latch, you...

Type: General Article | Category: Audio & Visual
By: dedee on Feb 03 | Topic Expertise:

There is a free video call out on the internet called Skype. Most people believe it costs money to use. Yes it does. However that is if you want to...

Type: General Article | Category: Children & Parenting
By: dedee on Jan 17 | Topic Expertise:

Do you really think you’re ready to have a baby? Having a baby is not what it is all cracked up to be. Sure they are cute and cuddly. But...

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