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Simple To Operate, Accurate Readings
By: edev5 on Apr 03 | Topic Expertise:

When we found out that my father suffered from high blood pressure, we immediately looked for blood pressure monitor. My friend who works in a...

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It's A Perfect Water Filter!
By: edev5 on Sep 15 | Topic Expertise:

The house that we live in now doesn’t seem to have pure clean water. It has something like small dirt or crumbs of soil in...

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Gigabyte Fx 5200 128 Agp Vga Card
By: edev5 on Nov 15 | Topic Expertise:

We installed our PC with this VGA card, Gigabyte FX 5200 128/AGP, as my brother recommended it to us. I’m not so sure what those...

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Rama's Is Good But...
By: edev5 on Sep 05 | Topic Expertise:

When we moved to a new house as a newly wed, the first thing in my mind was buying window coverings. I ordered these window...

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Spend Your Time Here, You Wont Regret It
By: edev5 on Jan 22 | Topic Expertise:

I originally came from Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia, but after I'm married I moved in to another city, far far away from Yogyakarta. To be...

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Gorgeous Dress From Soga!
By: edev5 on Dec 09 | Topic Expertise:

When my brother was about to be married, he asked me to be his bride’s bridesmaid because she didn’t have any. I didn’t mind at...

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Glad To Know It's Still Working
By: edev5 on Feb 16 | Topic Expertise:

So my hubby got this USB flash drive as a gift from his brother last year. He got it as a secondhand because his brother...

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Come, Celebrate Chinese New Year With My Family!
By: edev5 on Jan 20 | Topic Expertise:

Actually I'm a Chinese descendant but am married to a non-Chinese man (my hubby is a pure Javanese). Though we are mix-married, but so far...

Type: General Article | Category: Holidays, Parties & Events
Elite Beat Agents: Beat Me!
By: edev5 on Feb 17 | Topic Expertise:

I just tried to play this game on my brother's Nintendo DS. It's called Elite Beat Agents. At first I was confused, trying to figure...

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Great For Beginners
By: edev5 on Jan 21 | Topic Expertise:

Before I'm married, I start to love to make cookies and cakes. My mother is not the type who likes to make cookies and cakes,...

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