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Durable Keyboard
By: janetlynn on Dec 08 | Topic Expertise:

I have to admit that I am a little rough on my keyboards. Not that I intend to be, but since I am a Web...

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Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding And Tmj
By: janetlynn on Jul 17 | Topic Expertise:

Many women suffer from TMJ, which is better known as "lockjaw". This symptom results from stress and during the night you may clench your jaw...

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Activia Challenge   Digestive Health
By: janetlynn on May 07 | Topic Expertise:

You must have seen the commercials already to "Take The Activia Challenge" by Dannon? Well, I watch and nod my head but then don't put...

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Virtual Chef   Cafe World
By: janetlynn on Dec 31 | Topic Expertise:

Ok, so eventually someone was going to review one of Zynga's flash games that are available to play for free on Facebook and MySpace, so...

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Ne Georgia Mountains
By: janetlynn on Dec 17 | Topic Expertise:

Young Harris, Hiawassee and Blairsville, Georgia are 3 small towns in the Northeastern part of Georgia. My sister and her family and my parents all...

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Inspirational Books
By: janetlynn on Dec 15 | Topic Expertise:

Ever since I was a little girl, I have know about Norman Vincent Peale and his inspiring books on positive thinking. I have several of...

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Tips On Controlling Gout
By: janetlynn on May 25 | Topic Expertise:

On May 10, 2010 I woke up in the morning to find that my right foot, ankle and calf were swollen. Not only were they...

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Funny Little Dachshund
By: janetlynn on Feb 02 | Topic Expertise:

I grew up with a standard size Poodle and a toy Poodle as a kid. Later on in life, I have had a Lhasa Apso...

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Be In Health   A More Excellent Way
By: janetlynn on Apr 17 | Topic Expertise:

A More Excellent Way is a very indepth motivational book by Henry W. Wright. This book is very intense and complex in that it forces...

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Roaster Oven
By: janetlynn on Dec 25 | Topic Expertise:

I purchased this counter top roasting oven by Rival 4 Thanksgivings ago and use it several times per year. I had a different model but...

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