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The Dark Suit Of Pens   Montblanc
By: jb_shops on Apr 20 | Topic Expertise:

Everyone needs a nice writing instrument for special occasions, much like every man needs a dark suit for an interview or a funeral or every...

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Don't Come Home From The Hospital Without One!
By: jb_shops on May 17 | Topic Expertise:

If you have a baby, you have a Pack-N-Play. If not, how do you get by? I know that sounds funny as when most of...

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Quicken 2007 Premier Hb
By: jb_shops on Sep 04 | Topic Expertise:

I have used Quicken probably longer than most of their developers have worked at Intuit. Each year new features are added in a hope that...

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Scanner Radio For Car Races
By: jb_shops on Apr 02 | Topic Expertise:

Hey Race Fans! If you have ever been to a auto race or are considering attending you must take three things along: a scanner, noise...

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Metal Folding Chairs   Home Office Must Have
By: jb_shops on May 21 | Topic Expertise:

This is one of the most unglamorous but simple necessities every home and office should have - metal Folding Chairs. Heavy Duty Commerical Grade Steel...

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Brinkman Gas Grill
By: jb_shops on Aug 26 | Topic Expertise:

This is a wonderful grill. The stainless steel and cast-iron construction is a nice addition to any backyard deck for many years. The cast-iron grates...

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Sony 50 Hdtv
By: jb_shops on Aug 26 | Topic Expertise:

Before purchasing this TV last year, I research every imaginable combination of HDTV options. I concluded, for the money the Sony SXRD line using the...

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Best Bluetooth Headset Ever!
By: jb_shops on May 01 | Topic Expertise:

They say three's a charm -- it is true once again. My experience with my first two headsets were frustrating, then I bought the Jawbone....

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No More Tripping Over Cords
By: jb_shops on May 09 | Topic Expertise:

My biggest weakness is my biggest frustration in making my home office a comfortable place to work & play. I think I have cords and...

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Great Product Reasonably Priced From Monster
By: jb_shops on May 08 | Topic Expertise:

Now I am going to say a brand name and I don't want you running to hide your wallet. Go ahead read the rest of...

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