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Mosh Pit Mom....
By: justjanplus5 on Nov 11 | Topic Expertise:

Raised in the 60's & 70's loving music; I had the unique experience of attending a concert where my 23 year old son was the...

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David Did Us Right...Wedding Day...Ok!
By: justjanplus5 on Nov 21 | Topic Expertise:

Brother and soon to be sister-in-law, asked four of my five kids to stand up with them. (Number five was on a cruise ship, working)....

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Vista Vs. Xp... Best Gets Better
By: justjanplus5 on Nov 11 | Topic Expertise:

The ultimate stand off...VISTA vs. XP. According to my expert (16 year old son) he has sold me on the Vista. Our local high school...

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By: justjanplus5 on Nov 12 | Topic Expertise:

OMG! ok...so I fly to California, sort thru thousands of letters, photo's, etc. load precious cargo, including my newly widowed mother-in-law, 3 cats, one dog, vehicle and all our memories...

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