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Topspin 2 Xbox 360
By: lafawnduh on Oct 30 | Topic Expertise:

Having sampled numerous tennis video games over the years, I say with confidence that Topspin 2 comes as close as any to replicating an on...

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Earth Defense Force 2017 Xbox 360
By: lafawnduh on Dec 08 | Topic Expertise:

This game is based around the theme of repetition and if that's what floats your boat, you'll get plenty of it here. Earth Defense Force...

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Contac Complete Cough Cold Flu
By: lafawnduh on Oct 19 | Topic Expertise:

I've dabbled in a number of cold medications but I often return to this one. CONTAC Complete Cough, COld & Flu offers surprisingly good supression...

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Wilson Prostaff Surge 5.1
By: lafawnduh on Oct 12 | Topic Expertise:

I purchased the Wilson Surge 5.1 about 2 years ago and I have used it ever since. This racquet is highly maneuverable with a moderate...

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Apple Ipod Touch 16 Gb
By: lafawnduh on Dec 13 | Topic Expertise:

The Ipod Touch is a significant leap from its predecessors in the Ipod lineup. This new iteration of the wildly popular MP3 player boasts a...

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Sony Mdr Ex51 Lp
By: lafawnduh on Oct 13 | Topic Expertise:

I purchased these earphones in high hopes of sound quality and reliability. I was only satisfied on one front: the sound quality. With the excellent...

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Wilson N Blade Tennis Racquet
By: lafawnduh on Nov 07 | Topic Expertise:

The Wilson N-Blade is a comparatively lightweight racquet which offers a great deal of control in regards to spin and placement. For medium to advanced...

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