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Household Store Organized Articles Dollar
By: lexxia on Jul 31 | Topic Expertise:

There are businesses that are dedicated to the art of organizing homes and offices and they carry many products and tools to make sure the...

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Chinese Watercolor Brush Set
By: lexxia on Aug 25 | Topic Expertise:

I have an exceptional bond with one of my sister in laws and I've always been very thankful for her dear friendship and incredible support....

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Alti You Are All Right!
By: lexxia on Jul 27 | Topic Expertise:

**Apologies for poor image quality, they weren't taken with our new digcam but an older one that has seen better days**Introducing my 'baby'! This 2004...

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Gmc Sierra 4x4   Off Roading Gem
By: lexxia on Aug 13 | Topic Expertise:

I am not a truck person, never have been ... but when in the deep of winter last February we had to make a decision...

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Feather Light Weight Aspire Impressive
By: lexxia on Apr 04 | Topic Expertise:

Our youngest daughter had been without her computer for a few months, partly because it was slow and partly because she had kicked the case...

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Htc Dream Cellphone   Nice
By: lexxia on Aug 27 | Topic Expertise:

Note, this review is based on a modified version of the HTC Dream. Two of these phones live at our place, the other which is...

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Yixing Bamboo Tea Set
By: lexxia on Dec 28 | Topic Expertise:

As an avid collector of anything Oriental when I had the opportunity to pick up a unique Tea set for a meager $10 I grabbed...

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Scrub A Dub Friend
By: lexxia on Aug 09 | Topic Expertise:

I hate, hate, hate cleaning bathrooms! If you're like me though, you will want to make the new Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber one of your...

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Time To Bling Your Ring
By: lexxia on Aug 15 | Topic Expertise:

This was a total impulse purchase but the DecalGirl Skin Kits claim to add an Airbrushed look to almost any cell phone and the kiosk...

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'Start The Car!' Flooring That Was A Steal
By: lexxia on Aug 31 | Topic Expertise:

*Photos of completed floors to be added shortly - camera is out on the town at the moment :)*There are two occasions in our home...

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