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Eagle's Nest Resort In Branson, Mo
By: lorianna on Oct 15 | Topic Expertise:

We have just returned from a short trip to Branson, during which we stayed at the Eagle's Nest Resort. The resort offers nice two-bedroom condos...

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Bowflex Treadclimber Tc5300
By: lorianna on Apr 29 | Topic Expertise:

When I first saw this machine, I thought it was some new form of elliptical. It has two rising platforms somewhat similar to foot pads...

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Book Review: The Dog Who Rescues Cats
By: lorianna on Nov 05 | Topic Expertise:

The Dog Who Rescues Cats by Philip Gonzalez and Leonore Fleischer tells one remarkable true story. Philip Gonzalez, the author, was suffering from depression after...

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Colgate Total Clean Mint
By: lorianna on Jun 19 | Topic Expertise:

I guess you can say that Colgate Total has become a classic. Everyone has heard of its 12 hour protection from all kinds of dental...

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Cubis Gold
By: lorianna on Apr 29 | Topic Expertise:

I downloaded a free trial version of Cubis Gold, an arcade game where you remove combinations of colored cubes from the board by shooting more...

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Barnaby Rudge By Charles Dickens
By: lorianna on Nov 06 | Topic Expertise:

Barnaby Rudge is one of those long classic novels most people today would not even think about reading. I do like them though. I had...

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Term Life Insurance Through Select Quote
By: lorianna on Apr 27 | Topic Expertise:

My husband has life insurance provided by his employer, but we consider it insufficient, so we did some research and chose to buy our own...

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Typer Shark: Shoot Sharks By Typing Words!
By: lorianna on Jul 04 | Topic Expertise:

Typer Shark is a word game that offers a fun way to test and improve your typing skills. It is addictive, too - when I...

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What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?
By: lorianna on Jun 12 | Topic Expertise:

This 1962 black-and-white movie scared me - without any blood, gore, or ugly monsters. Granted, I do not watch a lot of horror movies, so...

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Stair Master 7000 Pt Step Climber
By: lorianna on Mar 16 | Topic Expertise:

Step climbers are probably the best exercising machines for lower body workouts: as you continue to climb stairs, your legs, thighs, and abs work hard,...

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